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18Frames Special Screening

Super8000 Film Festival is proud to present 18Frames, Funen’s independent film school’s three second year films from year 3. 18Frames consist of 7 disciplines, with three students on each year. The school’s students pay a fee each year to finance their studies, and they are responsible for planning their own curriculum. Get ready for three very different films that however all seem to embrace the universal themes of loneliness and the experience of feeling like an outcast. Enjoy!



Sunday 29/10 kl.12.25-13.55
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Film 1

Title: Adnan’s father (Abu Adnan) (26:00)
Director: Sylvia Le Fanu
Synopsis: The refugee father, Sayid, is struggling to get used to his new life in Denmark. Sayid’s son has adapted particularly faster, in regard to both language and culture, than himself, and when he realizes that his son is ashamed of him, his pride suffers immensely. He tries to show his worth to his son, however it seems only to reject his son from him even more.

Film 2

Title: Against the World (Mod resten af verden) (26:00)
Director: Simon Lykke
Synopsis: During their whole childhood, the two siblings have been drawn through one foster care family after another, and they now know that they can only trust each other. Every time one of them is subjected to bullying, they take a terrible and ruthless revenge. The questions remains, how long can they keep the fight going?

Film 3

Title: The Tragic Life of The Scientist Magnus (Videnskabsmanden Magnus’ trælse hverdag) (25:00)
Director: Simon Petersen
Synopsis: Magnus is a stooping, young man, who routinely gets assaulted by his nemesis Theis and his gang. One day he meets the mysterious girl Shelly, who seems to have supernatural powers. She offers him the opportunity of getting the revenge he so deeply wishes to get, but Magnus’s physics teacher warns him to have anything to do with Shelly.
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