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ÉCU – Special Selection

Super8000 Film Festival is proud to call ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival one of our partners, as they are dedicated to the discovery and advancement of the very best independent filmmakers from around the world.

They provide a unique platform for risk-taking storytellers to reach the broadest audiences possible.

ÉCU has expressly established itself and is often referred to as the Sundance of Europe. This program gives you a special selection of the best recent talent films of European filmmakers.



Friday 27/10 19.00-20.30
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Film 1

Title: The Session (12:21)
Director: Edouard de La Poëze
Country: France
Year: 2016
Synopsis: Paris, 1899. The sultry Countess of Castiglione entrusts a last portrait of her to her talented photographer. Under the prying eye of the divine aristocrat’s servants, the session will prove to be more disturbing than expected.


Film 2

Title: Standby (05:42)
Director: Charlotte Regan
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2017
Synopsis: A comedy entirely set in a police patrol car. An emotional roller-coaster accompanied by the capture of criminals from Micky the Irish gypsy to Tyler the gangster rapper.


Film 3

Title: What happens in your brain if you see a German word like…? (05:07)
Director: Zora Rux
Country: Germany
Year: 2017
Synopsis: The German language is very flexible: one can simply string words together in order to create new ones. Director Zora Rux blends animation and live-action in order to make a humorous account of what happens inside the brain of a man reading an extremely complex word. Gently mocking intellectual language, the film investigates how different language structures affect the way we think.


Film 4

Title: Last Train Home (18:51)
Director: Ansgar Glatt
Country: Germany
Year: 2016
Synopsis: As Emily takes the last train home one night, Christian gets on the train. In this abandoned world under the city, Christian must show if he is as capable as his attacker.


Film 5

Title: Put Down (09:53)
Director: Rick Limentani
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2016
Synopsis: John, a socially awkward man who lacks the power of empathy, is in a downward spiral, slowly dropping out of society, until a lucky accident and an impromptu lie suddenly propel him into a new profession as a black-market pet exterminator.


Film 6

Title: Horseface (08:25)
Director: Marc Martínez Jordán
Country: Spain
Year: 2016
Synopsis: A 20 Euro budget Comedy-Horror-Science Fiction-Thriller-Animal Drama short film starring filmmakers’s Grandma and the filmmaker himself.


Film 7

Title: The Way of Tea (20:39)
Director: Marc Fouchard
Country: France
Year: 2016
Synopsis: In a small town in Northern France, Alex, a young skinhead, enters Malik’s grocery store.


Film 8

Title: Discipline (11:58)
Director: Christophe M. Saber
Country: Switzerland
Year: 2016
Synopsis: It is 9:30pm in a grocery store in Lausanne, Switzerland. The place is run by Egyptians. In a moment of anger, a father looses patience and disciplines his disobedient child. A shocked customer immediately intervenes to express her concern. Other customers join the conversation, they each put in their two cents and the staff is swamped. This discussion turns into a debate, which into quarrel. The situation gradually gets out of hand and into chaos…
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