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Free Special Screening of While We Live – Including introduction w. director Mehdi Avaz

We are proud to present a special screening of “While We Live” by the renowned Avaz-brothers at The Super8000 Film Festival in Aarhus, Saturday 28/10 at 15.30.


The Avaz-brothers prove, in a hard hitting way, that there are new ways to create films, which applies to both talents and professionals. With this film, the brothers have managed to break an image of an industry, which until now has parted filmmakers into the ones who are in, and the ones who are not. The brothers have gracefully leaped right over the enormous  labyrinth of a system, which most filmmakers view as a necessary pathway to the end goal. This opens up a whole new way or recipe for developing and producing film, which especially for young filmmakers, can push them to dare venture on new paths in both development and financing films – and especially for their feature film debut.

At the Super8000 Film Festival we are very proud and excited to meet the Avaz-brothers and hear about their experiences. 

Background info

The Avaz-brothers now reside in Los Angeles, and have extraordinarily created the critically acclaimed feature film debut “While We Live”, for only a few millions, which is an abnormally low budget for a Danish feature film.

Before his feature film debut, director Mehdi Avaz has worked with commercials and music videos, and his little brother Milad had produced and written the film with the third brother Misam, who is located in Denmark.

According to the brothers, the film is based on a true event, that struck one of Mehdi Avaz’ class mates a few years back. This unfortunate incident changed the destiny of the four characters, who the film centres around.

The film has received great praise at this year’s Cannes festival, and the brothers are already lining up new projects.



Saturday 28/10 15.30-17.00
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