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School Screening 1

What do children and young people dream about? In School Screening 1, we invite you into the worlds of young teenage girls, crazy pirate parrots and to a place, where children cannot be children. The school screening program is specially selected for primary school classes 7-10th grade and for Gymnasiums, Colleges (Højskoler) and boarding schools (Efterskoler). However everyone is welcome.



Friday 27/10, Hall A: 10-11.30
Friday 27/10, Hall B: 10-11.30
Friday 27/10, Hall C: 10-11.30
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Film 1

Title: Rainbow Girls (19:00)
Director: Zinnini Elkington
Country: Denmark
Year: 2017
Synopsis: Bloome, Kara and Mynte are the colourful outsiders in an otherwise monochrome ninth grade.Bloome is determined to win the annual lip sync battle, and the respect of the class. But when her friends begin to change, Bloome’s plan starts to crumble. But in the end – friendship comes in many colours.


Film 2

Title: Parrot Away (05:57)
Director: Mads Weidner
Country: Denmark
Year: 2015
Synopsis: Out on a lonely island lies the pirate parrot pet shop where you find the most beautiful parrots on the seven seas. Here you can also find the kind parrot Pierre. His greatest dream is to sit on a great pirate’s shoulder and go on great pirate adventures. But he is ugly. The fashionable and flamboyant pirates who visit the shop buy only the beautiful parrots. One day a little too fashionable late and desperate pirate is forced to buy the only parrot left in the shop – Pierre! Exited Pierre heads off for pirate adventure. But the adventure is nothing like Pierre expected…


Film 3

Title: When We meet again (19:32)
Director: William Sehested Høeg
Country: Denmark
Year: 2017
Synopsis: Mads has been traveling across Europe for three months with his two childhood friends, Simon and Sara. To celebrate his safe return, Mads’ family has organised a welcome home lunch – but the meal is interrupted by a call from Sara’s father claiming Sara was raped on the last night of the trip. This throws Mads into the biggest dilemma of his life.

Film 4

Title: Carga (14:26)
Director: Luis Campos
Country: Portugal
Year: 2016
Synopsis: In a small fishing village, two kids play an active role in the traffic of illicit substances. When the oldest prepares an escape plan, the youngest has to deal with the adversities of being left behind.


Film 5   

Title: The boy in the ocean (14:41)
Director: Friedrich Tiedtke
Country: Denmark
Year: 2016
Synopsis: The 12 years old Mathias discovers his sexuality on a sailing boat. Surrounded by water, trapped on a boat with his parents, who still treat him like a child, his desire is to have new experiences with a girl on land.


Film 6

Title: Drifting Away (14:27)
Director: Cyprien Clement-Delmas
Country: Spain
Year: 2016
Synopsis: Paul dreams to go sailing with his father one day. But his father tumbles into a depression and literally dissolves right before his eyes. The film is pervaded with a sense of melancholy, but also hope, as the son helps his father along the elder’s journey, thus pulling the entire family out of its lethargy.
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