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Super16 Screening & Presentation of Polar

Super16 is a collaboration of filmmakers in Denmark, based in Nordisk Film Studios in Valby. Just like Super8 and 18Frames, Super16 is an independent film school, and the students are responsible for their own curriculum. This year, the second year students of Super16 ventured into a new type of creative collaboration, and Polar is one of the Pilot-projects that came out of it. This program invites you to a screening of the film, followed by a presentation by the team members behind it. Let the inspiration flow!



Sunday 29/10 14.15-15.45
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Title: Polar
Directors: Natalia Anna Ciepiel & Alexander Ohrt
Synopsis: It’s nighttime on the harbor of Nuuk. Four teenage boys are doing graffiti, when they are suddenly hit by a strange, terrible sound. The boys commit suicide, however for reasons unknown, Ivik’s heart starts pumping again. Ivik is now deaf, and he is confronted with an isolated life. At the same time, nature surrounding Nuuk has begun to behave differently. While meeting the sound-enthusiastic man David, Ivik finds understanding and when the phenomenon hits the young people of Nuuk again, Ivik and David sets out to find the source of the sound.
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