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Super8 2. Year Premiere

Super8000 Film Festival is excited to finally present the premiere of the 4 second year films from Super8 year 8! After a year of hard work, Super8 is now ready to show you 4 very different genre films – science fiction, coming-of-age, horror- comedy and a period drama.



Saturday 28/10 20.00-22.00
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Film 1

Title: Lux Aeterna
Director: Edith Tvede Byg-Fabritius
Synopsis: A science fiction drama about the ambitious journalist Helene, who receives the scoop of her life, when she tracks down the top scientist Ellen Franklin’s secret invention. When she realizes that the potential of the invention can create consequences out of all proportions for the world, she must reconsider how willing we must be to sacrifice ourselves for the goals we set before us.


Film 2

Title: November
Director: Kasper Møller Jensen
Synopsis: A coming-of-age-essay about a woman in her start-twenties, who tries to navigate between her artist dreams and the assisting jobs, all for the hunt to break through into the film industry. At the same time she is trying to write a film, which actually is about something – however it’s hard when her own life doesn’t really have a meaning.


Film 3

Title: Sweetheart (Lillepus)
Director: Johan Egholm Nielsen
Synopsis: On a derelict farm, far from civilization lives an abused, mute and very retarded man together with his mother, who is a serial killer. One day, he falls in love with a woman, who his mother has kidnapped, and he is forced to break loose from his mother’s claws, so that the love can blossom between him and the kidnapped woman.


Film 4

Title: Mother of My Child (Beskyt Deres Egne)
Director: Morten Lindqvist & Asger Lindqvist
Synopsis: A psychological thriller taking place in 1960, about the young, wealthy wife Gertrud, who witnesses her son being kidnapped by a strange woman. In the days after the incident, she decides to keep it secret to her husband the rest of the world, while the police and the media is on the hunt for the kidnapper. Gertrud discovers the true identity of the woman, and an inner fight commences, because is she actually a good mother to her child?
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