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Super8 Special Selection

Make yourself comfortable, and enjoy a special selection of films from the Super8 catalogue. The independent film school Super8 was initiated in 2002, and ever since then, young aspiring filmmakers have been producing film in the heart of Aarhus. Among these films, Exit Neverland was Robert-nominated for best short film in 2013. Lay back, and enter Movieland!



Friday 27/10 21.00-22.30
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Film 1

Title: SHIFT! (27:28)
Director: Alexander Sagmo
Year: 2017
Synopsis: Reality strikes three actors under the rehearsals to the latest controversial play by Mark Bakmo. They each try to keep their private life out of the theater, but things only get more stressful when the last actor Aura shows up. One by one they get unmasked and a palette of emotions unfolds


Film 2

Title: Exit Neverland (23:07)
Director: Chadi Abdul-Karim
Year: 2013
Synopsis: Exit Neverland follows the three youngsters Said, Daniel and Osman during one of their usual days in an urban neighborhood. Their day is filled with boredom, restlessness and too much spare time. However, on this particular day, one of the boys steal from a local, mentally challenged resident in the ghetto, where the three friends have grown up together. Even though the three kids are only looking for some fun in order to pass the time, their actions lead to unexpected consequences.


Film 3

Title: Liberation (Bokser) (24:10)
Director: Stefan Pellegrini
Year: 2017
Synopsis: Jane is a boxer, preparing for the championship of her life. She wants to win but it’s difficult to keep focus when her girlfriend Tanja wants to start a family. When Jane meets Karoline new emotions arises and she decides to leave Tanja. The training escalates, and suddenly Jane seems to be unable to get the firm foothold that she so desperately needs in both her life and in her career.


Film 4

Title: Resort (13:30)
Director: Kasper Møller Jensen
Year: 2016
Synopsis: An urban chickflick-odyssey about a woman who sets out into the neonlit nightlife without really knowing what she’s looking for. But as she dances her way through alleys and people, she slowly realizes what she has been missing.
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