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Super8000 Marathon

Did you miss out on the films screened at The Super8000 Film Festival? With Super8000 Marathon, you get the chance to see a selection of the films screened in the main program of Danish and European film talents. Stock up on snacks, and enjoy the films.



Sunday 29/10 16.00-18.00
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Film 1   

Title: A night in Tokoriki (18:00)
Director: Roxana Stroe
Country: Romania
Year: 2016
Synopsis: In an improvised night club called “Tokoriki” the whole village celebrates Gianina’s 18th birthday. Her boyfriend and Alin will give her a most surprising gift, one that nobody will ever forget.

Film 2

Title: Atelier (30:00)
Director: Elsa María Jakobsdóttir
Country: Denmark
Year: 2017
Synopsis: A young woman comes to a remote island to get away from it all, taking refuge at a modern studio utopia. All she needs is restorative peace and quiet, but her stay is jarringly interrupted by an intruder: an artist whose acoustic installation disturbs everything that the starkly empty house has to offer. The tension between the two women rises and the motionless calm gives way to growing frustration and anger. Emerging from the wilds of nature, the house becomes the third character of the story – a labyrinth in which contrasting personalities meet and differing lifestyles and expectations clash.

Film 3

Title: Gentle Moments (07:38)
Director: Sabrina Mertens
Country: Germany
Year: 2017
Synopsis: The lonely unemployment office worker Ute meets the easy going and jobless Jens in a cuddle party group. Will this special encounter between the timid official and the friend of the esoteric sides of life have any future?

Film 4

Title: Less than human (6:09)
Director: Steffen Bang Lindholm
Country: Denmark
Year: 2016
Synopsis: In the aftermath of a zombie outbreak, the zombies have been cured and exiled to secluded camps. A prejudice journalist decides to prove that they are not fit to be rehabilitated.

Film 5

Title: Odette (16:48)
Director: Efthimis Kosemund Sanidis
Country: Greece
Year: 2015
Synopsis: Esther is a pregnant woman living in a modern metropolis. She develops psychosomatic symptoms but she does not know why. She wants to name her baby Odette, the principal character of The Swan Lake, swan during the day, human at night.

Film 6

Title: Warszawa (23:26)
Director: Albert Morel
Country: Denmark
Year: 2016
Synopsis: Josefine feels stuck in life. One night at an underground event I Copenhagen, she meets the mysterious Emma, who invites her to move with her to Warsaw the very next day. Josefine kindly rejects the offer, but she can’t seem to get her mind off Emma and the thought of moving to Poland. It it’s only the beginning of a night where Josefine explores deeper layers of her existence. She needs to make a decision about her future, but does she have the courage to follow new paths in life?

Film 7

Title: A new home (14:00)
Director: Žiga Virc
Country: Slovenia
Year: 2016
Synopsis: What is the biggest danger Europe faces: the crisis on its borders, or its own paranoia and fear? Our protagonist drives to work, she passes the refugee tent city in the park. She means them no harm; they mean her no harm. So why, when their paths intersect, do things go catastrophically wrong?
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