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Workshop Case – Classic Storytelling VS. New Media

What is the core of a well-told story? And how do we adapt the tools of storytelling when and if the new medias arise? In this program, you have the chance to get a little smarter, or maybe you will leave the screening hall with more questions, than when you came.

Two groups of filmmakers will be given the assignment to create a story on the basis of the same source, however one is told in the classic film media, and the other is told in VR. How will this influence the two stories? And what does the future hold for storytelling? #ClassicVSNew? What team are you on?



Friday 27/10 16.30-18.00
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Meet the mentors


Morten Barfod Søegaard, Head of the Danish Game Factory

“You won’t believe your own body: VR takes you places you never imagined. It is its own kind of narrative, wholly different from film or games.”

Michael Vogt, Game scriptwriter at IO Interactive

Vogt knows deep plotting and suspenseful hit missions: He whas written the latest installment of the Hitman series from 2016, and has great knowledge on the future of complex storytelling.


Classical storytelling:

Emil Nygaard Albertsen, Screenwriter, graduated from The Danish Film School in 2013.

Simon Oded Weil, Screenwriter, graduated from The Danish Film School in 2013.

Together the two screenwriters have written the children’s series Kanonkongen Freja for Danish television. Furthermore, they have conducted several workshops, and taught many aspiring filmmakers the craft of good storytelling, which they both have a great passion for.
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