The Super8000 Exhibition

Wouldn’t you like to experience the early works of some of the great European filmmakers of tomorrow, and hereby witness how they choose to tell their stories? How do they avoid copying their predecessors? How do they rethink the methods of storytelling?

The Super8000 Exhibition invites you to experience a diversity of exciting short films by European talent filmmakers at the art house cinema East of Eden (Øst for Paradis) from October 27th – 29th. This short film exhibition is a non-competitive event, and a brand new forum for rethinking stories for the big screen.

The Super8000 Exhibition is a 3-day event, and part of The Super8000 Film Festival taking place in Aarhus, Denmark from October 27th – 29th. The Super8000 Film Exhibition is a part of the program at the European Capital of Culture – Aarhus 2017.

By gathering European film talents during a week of collective reflection on storytelling,  Super8000 wishes to cultivate the development and cooperation between the countries, while creating new perspectives for its common future.

The exhibition will invite you to participate in keynote speaks from inspiring professional filmmakers, selected European film talents, and features presenting how to rethink storytelling on a broader scale. The Super8000 Exhibition is free of cost and the public are invited to all screenings and keynote speaks. The final program will be announced during the Autumn of 2017.

The Rethink Award

Super8000 calls for an atmosphere of trust, curiosity and what filmmakers can learn from each other, while daring to create their own, unique style. The classical element of competition is dispensed, however, we recognize and celebrate filmmakers who have incorporated bold and surprising elements of rethinking storytelling in their works. The jury will select 3 winners among all the films screened at the exhibition, to receive the Super8000 Rethink Award, which includes a separate screening opportunity at a prominent venue, where the work will be exhibited to a large audience.