About Super8000

The Super8000 Film Festival is a new film festival in Aarhus and makes its debut during the year of Aarhus as the European Culture Capital. Super8000 is a forum for Rethinking Storytelling together. 

The Super8000 Film Festival consists of two events: a micro-experimental, 1,5-day workshop for selected European film talents, that overlaps with the major three-day Super8000 Exhibition, open to everyone.

The main vision of Super8000 is to present the audience a multitude of European high-end, talent film, showcasing innovative ways of telling stories for the screen.

Super8000’s ambition is to facilitate an environment where film talents and the industry can learn from each other in an atmosphere of trust and creative sparring. Therefore, the classical element of competition when showcasing film will be dispensed. Super8000 aims to inspire innovation and international collaboration, which will rise to new narratives throughout film in Europe.

The festival is arranged by Super8, the independent film school of Western Denmark, in collaboration with Aarhus Film Workshop and Filmtalent Denmark. Hosted by the art house cinema East of Eden.


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